Vipa is a producer of rigid and plasticized PVC compounds either in granules and dry-blend in compliance with the main international technical standards and customers’ special requests.

The applications of our materials are:


EXTRUSION: Pipes for the building industry, high Vicat profiles, electrical cable channels; corrugated hoses; spiral hoses, window and shutter profiles; rolling shutters; technical profiles; furniture profiles; transparent profiles; impact resistant profiles.

INJECTION MOULDING: Pipe fittings for the building industry; Pressure resistant fittings; Electrical Boxes; Various technical articles.


BLOWING: Bottles and flacons.



EXTRUSION: Power, telecommunication and optic cables, (including materials with special characteristics for example: low smoke, low HCl emission, high temperature, low temperature resistance, flame resistance, oil resistance, low permittivity, etc). Garden hoses, spiral hoses, wire covering (fences), Gaskets and various technical articles.

INJECTION MOULDING: Electric plugs; shoes; boots; various technical articles